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Written by Steve Dietz   
Mar 16, 2006 at 12:23 AM

ZeroOne San Jose: A Festival of Art on the Edge wants you to come and experience the amazing, awe-inspiring, sometimes irreverent, totally incredible vista of the most innovative contemporary artists in the world. Read through this festival sampler, and click on any of the artists mentioned to learn more.

The familiar city-scape will become a new terrain where you can glimpse recorded images and secrets (Secrets, JD Beltran), carry a balloon with a surveillance camera and become a new map-maker in visual terms (Flying Tails, Jenny Marketou and Katie Salen), explore the afterlife, the most virtual of all worlds - a space beyond the compass of the human mind (MISSION ETERNITY, etoy.CORPORATION), watch nocturnal animals captured by video "traps" and see what happens on urban streets after dark (Nocturne, Colin Ives). At the ZeroOne San Jose Global Festival of Art on the Edge anything seems possible - an artist generates images using cosmic sounds to drive shifting shapes and colors (D-K San Jose, Akira Hasegawa); a blimp flies overhead - a rolling party with skateboarders glides past offering you the chance to put on headsets to listen in and join (Fete Mobile, Marc Tuters), and paper cups on a string can still be telephones (Paper Cup Telephone Network, Matthew Biederman, Adam Hyde, and Lotte Meijer).

JD Beltran, Secrets

There are stories captured and re-told on cell phones(URBANtells, James Rouvelle, Joe Reinsel, Steve Bradley; Saint Joe, John Klima; [murmur] in San Jose, Shawn Micallef) and the chance for festival attendees to create or document their own stories - fictional or real (Traffic Island Disks, Saul Albert; Drift Relay, Christina Ray; San Jose Instant Film Festival, Andrea Moed). You can become a virtual character and insert yourself into a live game (SimVeillance: San Jose, Rainey Straus; The New West, Ludica) or play within a life size video game with your head replaced by that of an animal (Animalia, Angela Main and Caroline McCaw), or speak to live bacteria to change their DNA and consequently their appearance (Cell Phone, Michelle Glaser). Try taking a sea voyage from Japan to the U.S. by entering a life size environment to travel through mythical and actual places (Travels of Mariko Horo, Tamiko Thiel). You can even see yourself as a series of images and ripples through an abstracted topography of the Interactive Cafe (Pasts and Presents, Judith Donath), get real-time air quality data from pigeons (PigeonBlog, Beatriz Da Costa), or take a peak into tomorrow from where you are now. (Light From Tomorrow, Thomson & Craighead).

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