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M-P Artists
Written by Steve Dietz   
Apr 01, 2006 at 11:19 AM

Paper Cup Telephone Network

Transparent City: Augmenting your neighbourhood with everyday media

Lotte Meijer develops projects which combine new media technologies and theories with 'old media' and non-screen based objects. Since graduating in 2005 with a double masters in New Media Arts (University of Amsterdam and HKU European Master of Media Arts) Lotte has generated a large body of work and media attention. Her most well known recent work 'Broadcast Your Podcast' (BYP - has been enthusiastically picked up by bloggers and podcasters, making it to the pages of OReillys MAKE magazine, and the well known 'We Make Money Not Art'. BYP offers beautifully designed handmade FM transmitters for free to podcasters all over the world which are built following the circuit design of micro radio pioneer Tetsuo Kogawa. By doing so BYP offers an opportunity for podcasters to break out of the privileged global media sphere and into their own local context.

Blitze Gidsen is another of Lottes projects gathering interest, having recently been exhibited at the Living Tomorrow House (Amsterdam) and the Third Asia Europe Art Camp (Bandung, Indonesia). Blitze Gidsen is a series of audiotours built into wearable objects, which talk about Art from multiple perspectives. The project dissolves the 'authorative voice' of museums and critiques the nature of doctrines within art and the role museums play in establishing them.

As well as Transparent City, and the Paper Cup Telephone (both premiering at ISEA 2006) Lotte is also collaborating on Wifio ( with Adam Hyde and Aleksandar Erkalović. Wifio explores the relationship between radio and Wifi by presenting a tuner that can tune into and speak wireless internet traffic such as email and irc. The project was developed during Lottes recent residency at Itchybit, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Throughout the last 8 months Lotte has been producing and presenting WaagTV, a series of events that offer a live audience entertaining information on topics from which debate arises with audience members as protagonists. The events are streamed and hosted in the Theatrum Anatomicum of "De Waag" (Society for Old and New Media). Additionally Lotte is working as a designer and consultant for a forthcoming online game, and directing video installations for the Dutch National Park Service.
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