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Matthew Biederman PDF Print E-mail
A-D Artists
Jan 02, 2006 at 08:09 AM

Paper Cup Telephone Network

Transparent City: Augmenting your neighbourhood with everyday media

Matthew Biederman (a.k.a. DelRay), has been performing, installing and exhibiting works which explore themes of cut-up electronic image delivery, media saturation, and data systems since the mid nineties. Biederman was the recipient of the Bay Area Artist Award in Video by New Langton Arts in 1999, First Place in the Visual Arts category of Slovenia’s Break21 festival, and has served as artist-in-residence at the Center for Experimental Television on numerous occasions.

His installations have been exhibited in the US, South America, and Europe, in a variety of festivals and venues such as 7 Festival Internacional (Lima, Peru) As a film and video maker, his works have been included in the FILE festival (Sao Paulo), New Forms Festival (Vancouver), the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Paris/Berlin International Meetings, and the Chicago Underground Film Festival.

As a performer, he has developed his work through developing settings to stimulate new work methodologies, namely through a site-specific work at SIGGRAPH, residencies at the Makrolab as well as the Experimental Television Center, and various other projects. His work as a visual performer allowed him to work alongside musicians since 1999, with regular spots at the Rx Gallery, Club Six, Sno-Drift and special performances at nearly every club in San Francisco. In 2004 he embarked on a long-term collaboration with Projekt Atol and the rx:tx crew developing the visual display systems of the Signal-Sever! performance series events, including, among others, Futuresonic, ISEA, Nuit Blanche (Paris), and La Batie (Geneva). As a VJ, his performances have been featured at festivals such as MUTEK, Flow (Helsinki), and Version (Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago). Currently, his artistic operation is set up in exile in Montreal, Canada.

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