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C4F3: Interactive Cafe
Feb 27, 2006 at 08:28 AM

Heidi Kumao and Chipp Jansen

CNN Plus

CNNplusplus presents a technologically sabotaged newscast through subtle, automated media juxtaposition and replacement. The newscaster (video and audio) stays positioned solidly in the right corner of the screen as always, while our News Enhancement Program selectively replaces the other 2 regions of the screen. Independent news headlines replace weather, sports, stocks, and mainstream headlines on the bottom of the screen, while the upper left image is replaced with the results of a keyword-triggered Google Image Search. With the appearance and sound of a “normal” broadcast, CNNplusplus can entertain and educate the ordinary viewer.

CNNplusplus presents viewers with a subverted alternative to the Cable News 24/7 flow of information through AUTOMATED, subtle media juxtaposition and replacement. Using a computer running MAX-MSP and Jitter, our specialized News Enhancement Program randomly replaces the headlines, weather, sports scores, and stock quotes on the bottom of the screen with independent news and anti-corporate headlines. With Version 2.0, our real-time News Enhancement Program keeps tabs on what the newscaster is saying. Popular key words (such as "Iraq," "Freedom," many others) trigger Google Image searches for related concepts such as, "colonial rule" or "occupation." The results of this search (images) are then placed in the upper left of the news screen adjacent to the news anchor to create a counterpoint to the live news stories.

The mixing and arranging of the screen happen live, right there in front of you. The news is never the same twice. As a both a news source and a critique of the news, CNNplusplus promises a dynamic, engaging, humorous, and sometimes sad, viewing experience.

CNNplusplus is a live television broadcast meant to be viewed in a tv set where a newscast has been normalized as part of the environment: bar, café, waiting room, rest stop, etc.


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