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Karaoke Ice at ZeroOne San Jose, Aug. 7-13
Karaoke Ice by Nancy Nowacek, Katie Salen + Marina Zurkow at ZeroOne San Jose and ISEA2006

Karaoke Ice

Nancy Nowacek, Katie Salen, Marina Zurkow

Karaoke Ice is a commissioned residency project by ZeroOne San Jose, San Jose State University, and the The Sally and Don Lucas Artists Programs at the Montalvo Arts Center.

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SiliconValleyWatcher video intro to ZeroOne

August 08, 2006

ZeroOne San Jose & ISEA2006 Symposium: The SVW video mashup

Here's a quick video introduction to the ZeroOne art fest, which is running in downtown San Jose through the week. Brought to you by Lucaso, SVW's Arts and Culture editor.
Ho Fatso
Rania Ho, Ho Fatso at Theater on San Pedro Square, ISEA2006/ZeroOne San Jose
Rania Ho, pix of Ho Fatso at Theater on San Pedro Square, ISEA2006 / ZeroOne San Jose
flickr ZeroOne / ISEA2006
Hello This Is Movable Types and Instand Spaces
Friday night: C5 Quest for Success

Brief description courtesy Jack Toolin, C5 Research Theorist

Photographs by Erin Malone

C5 Quest for Success was a performance/competition in which 15 artists competed to get a 6-12 week residency at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga. They competed by being passengers in those little GPS enabled cars - they navigated by listening to audio queues coming over the car's speakers which were triggered by GPS coordinates. They had an hour to find some of the 15 destinations about town that we selected for their historical/sociological intrigue. We wrote short, humorous stories about the locations that participants got to listen to. After an hour, contestants were told where the "C5 Limousine" was and they raced off to find it. Once there, they had the opportunity to give a project pitch about what they would do during the residency to 5 curators inside the limo: they had 5 minutes for their pitch if they found five of our locations, 7 minutes if they found 7 locations and so on.

We had three semi-final competitions (Wed, Thur, Fri), and the final on Saturday in which the three semi-finalists had 5 minutes to give their pitch on stage on South 1st St. before a large crowd. After their pitches, the curators had a few minutes to choose the winner. The semi-finalists were Joseph Delappe, Julian Bleeker, and Liz Rossof. Liz was the winner.

So the project was a multi-layered use of business marketing, game showmanship, curatorial networking, GPS suburban gaming, and pop art.

Video: ZeroOne San Jose Opening Night

San Jose Museum of Art reception


Opening night ZeroOne San Jose at SJMA 8.8.06
Karaoke Ice
Karaoke Ice @ ZeroOne San Jose / ISEA2006 c C|NET
ZeroOne's Eye on Electronic Art
Photo: CNET Networks
Link: Karaoke Ice
SJ Mercury pix + podcasts

All San Jose Mercury News slide shows and podcasts of ZeroOne San Jose here.

ZeroOne: The Final Days

D-K San Jose panorama
etoy pix by everett taasevigen
etoy photos by everett

Part of ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge and the Thirteenth International Symposium of Electronic Art