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Jan 02, 2006 at 08:38 AM


twisting values since 1994

etoy.CORPORATION is a corporate sculpture officially founded in 1994 and currently registered in the City of Zug, Switzerland (Register of Commerce number: CH- The vehicle is owned by more than 2000 etoy.SHAREHOLDERS: international art collectors, venture capitalists, the etoy.AGENTS, the etoy.MANAGEMENT, fans and a few hundred TOYWAR.soldiers (who protected the etoy.BRAND during the TOYWAR.battle in 1999/2000). The etoy.INVESTORS own, feed, control and protect the legendary corporate sculpture to scan and expand the boundaries of contemporary art and to breed value on a higher level of human intelligence. etoy does not sell isolated art objects. etoy sells, trades and exchanges parts of itself: The etoy.SHARES represent participation and cultural value. In total, there are 640,000 etoy.SHARE-UNITS available on the international art market representing 100% of the company. etoy is a typical early mover (online since 1994) and developed rapidly into a controversial market leader in the field of experimental internet entertainment and art. Actions and services like the digital hijack (1996), etoy.TIMEZONE (1998), toywar (1999/2000) or etoy.DAYCARE (2002) are classics of digital art etoy won several international art awards (the golden nica in the .net category / prix ars electronica) and regularly appears on TV (invited and uninvited) as well as in other traditional media channels to inject the etoy.VIRUS: the New York Times, CNN, TV5, Silicon Valley Reporter, Washington Post, Wired News, npr, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, NZZ, WOZ, La Rebubblica, relax japan etc. etoy.CREW-MEMBERS lectured and spoke at the MIT Media Lab in Boston, UCSD in San Diego, DASARTS in Amsterdam, ETH Zurich, Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, intercommunication center icc in Tokyo, the Interactive Institute in Stockholm and at many international festivals. Since 1998, orange etoy.TANKS (12 and 6 meter long standardized windowless shipping containers – the icons of globalization) build etoy's mobile and multifunctional office system including studios, hotels, conference rooms etc. Wherever etoy is needed in the physical world, the orange etoy.TANKS pop up or vanish over night to infect the way people think and feel (i.e. in SAN DIEGO, SAN FRANCISCO, NEW YORK, ZURICH, TOKYO or TORINO between 1998 and 2003). Depending on the market situation and projects between 5 and 15 etoy.CORE-AGENTS (currently 4 women and 11 men in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany, Japan and the USA) represent the production and research crew of etoy.CORPORATION. etoy.DISCLAIMER: etoy.INVESTMENTS are not focused on financial profits. The etoy.VENTURE is all about cultural revenue, social profit and intellectual capital generated with the invested resources.

etoy.ZAI (artist/professor, Swiss) is one of the co-founders of etoy and serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since1996. He was principally involved in the planning and production of the «digital hijack» in 1996, «TOYWAR» in 1999/2000, etoy.DAYCARE and MISSION ETERNITY. etoy.ZAI holds a master's degree in visual communication from the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. He worked as an anchorman for the Swiss National Television (SF-DRS), and in 1992 he co-founded HIRN-lein, a telephone entertainment company. Beyond his commitment for etoy.CORPORATION, etoy.ZAI is professor and head of the media & interaction design unit at ECAL (University for Art and Design in Lausanne).

etoy.MONOROM (artist/designer/web developer/teacher) is Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of etoy.CORPORATION and responsible for style. She is a member of the board of etoy.CORPORATION since 2003. Miss Monorom was principally involved in the production of TOYWAR in 1999/2000, etoy.DAYCARE and MISSION ETERNITY. She led the implementation of the etoy.SHARE-VALUE-SYSTEM in 2001 and introduced etoy.INTERNAL-AFFAIRS. etoy.MONOROM runs (valid code design studio) and, teaches web publishing and collaborates as a partner of BITFLUX. Before becoming a geek, she worked as an advisor and project manager in the fashion industry (clients included Vivienne Westwood, Lybertis London, Fabric Frontline).

etoy.HAEFLIGER (economist, Swiss) is responsible for investor relations (etoy.SHARES, public relations) and chairman of etoy.CORPORATION SA. He conducts research at the Department of Management, Technology and Economics at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, focusing on technology-driven innovation in software. Prior to joining etoy.CORPORATION, he built up hedge fund research for a small Swiss private bank. etoy.HAEFLIGER holds a doctorate degree (Dr. oec.) from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. He studied and worked in Switzerland, the U.S., Belgium, the Czech Republic, Italy and Russia.

etoy.GRAMAZIO (architect/professor, Italian and Swiss) is one of the founding agents of etoy and serves as president of the etoy.VENTURE asscociation. He was principally involved in the production of the «digital hijack» in 1996, and «TOYWAR» in 1999/2000. Beyond his commitment for etoy he runs the architectural firm GRAMAZIO & KOHLER and has built sWISH, the IBM pavilion at the Swiss national exhibition as well as the Christmas illumination for Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. etoy.GRAMAZIO holds a master's degree in architecture from ETH Zurich. In 2005 he was appointed professor for computer controlled production processes in architectural design at ETH Zurich.

etoy.VINCENT (chemist, Austrian, German and American) is a system administrator and software toolsmith for etoy.CORPORATION. He implemented the interactive etoy.HISTORY / etoy.CHART in 2005 and is responsible for the development of the MISSION ETERNITY ANGEL APPLICATION. He holds a master's degree in chemistry from ETH Zurich. He is pursuing his Ph.D. in computational chemistry, which deals with the design and application of advanced methodology in biomolecular simulation.

etoy.SILVAN (software engineer, Swiss) provides code on demand, contributes to the advancement of etoy.CORPORATION's high-level knowledge management tools, and enables the smooth transitions of digital art within the etoy.UNIVERSE. He is responsible for the development and implementation of the MISSION ETERNITY ADMISSION FORM and the MISSION ETERNITY LED DISPLAY SYSTEM CODE. A cabinetmaker by training, etoy.SILVAN graduated from the University of Art and Design in Zurich specializing in new media. His professional experience as a software developer in Switzerland and India includes content management, groupware, and web application, most of which are licensed as free software.

etoy.KUBLI (lawyer, Swiss) operates as a legal in-house council and board member for etoy.CORPORATION SA. He is a founding of etoy and served as vice president of etoy.VENTURE association from 1998 to 2004. etoy.KUBLI was involved in the production of the «digital hijack» in 1996 and «TOYWAR» in 1999/2000. He holds a master's degree in law from the Universities of Zurich and Geneva, and beside his involvement in etoy.CORPORATION, he worked at the criminal chamber of the Zurich Supreme Court and opened up his own law firm in 2004.

etoy.MARCOS (biologist, Spaniard) is a member of the board of etoy.CORPORATION. Prior to joining etoy, he held positions in finance at CREDIT SUISSE and Kunsthalle St.Gallen. He holds a master's degree in biochemistry from ETH Zurich and is finishing a Ph.D. in Strategic Management at the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland. For his entrepreneurial activities as co-founder of, he received the Ernst&Young Award "Entrepreneur of the Year 2002", and for co-founding a high-tech venture the NETS award 2003.

etoy.ROCK (body artist, Swiss) acts as Chief Social Engineer of etoy.CORPORATION and oversees the corporate hardware arsenal. Before joining the firm in 2003, etoy.ROCK was trained as a piercing master in London and founded the "World's End" piercing and tattoo studio in Zurich. Collateral to his legendary real-life stunts, he signs responsible for special effects on stage at the "schauspielhaus zurich".

etoy.MIR (architect, Swiss) supports the firm's international infrastructure and creates architectural innovation within the etoy.UNIVERSE. She works as an independent architect, participates in the design of major national and international exhibitions, and has been teaching visual communication and computer game design in higher education. etoy.MIR holds a master's degree in architecture from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Her interests gravitate around interactive architecture and the correlation between physical and virtual space

etoy.STAMBERGER (database architect, Swiss) is the main etoy.LOGISTICS-AGENT and active in the food & beverage management sector. He is responsible to coordinate global cargo container transfer operations involving intercontinental cargo vessels, railway neks, trucks and cranes. An internet pioneer and database professional running his own company, etoy.STAMBERGER is an active observer of the geek culture since 1990.

etoy.NEWTRON (IT professional, Austrian) joined etoy.CORPORATION in 1999 as a 3D renderman and one of the first TOYWAR soldiers. Since 2000 he is a sound engineer and information infrastructure manager for etoy. He works as a product manager for Eunet, an alliance partner of etoy.CORPORATION. As an expert in web design and database development, etoy.NEWTRON was involved in web-related marketing projects and has experience in the management of network maintenance and IT security.

etoy.ZAK (graphic designer, American) manager of the etoy.USA-BRANCH, joined the etoy.CORPORATION in early 2001. The etoy.USA-BRANCH (dial +1.800.810.ETOY) is located in Los Angeles and was established to service the American art market. As a graphic designer etoy.ZAK works with a diverse range of clients from the cultural sector and is the recipient of the Art Directors Club 2004 Hall of Fame grant.

etoy.ROCKET (entrepreneur, Swiss) is responsible for ground control including food & beverage management. He caters to etoy.CORPORATION's technically and socially demanding international events and network infrastructure as well as to conceptual operation planning. A programmer and web entrepreneur, etoy.ROCKET is active in the global retail industry and partner in a mobile and web game business.

etoy.MAX (web designer, Swiss) joined etoy in 2005 and maintains important archive material. etoy.MAX was a comic author, fanzine producer and musician in the punk underground movement during the 80s. He is educated in fine arts, CAD and web design and works in Lausanne.

etoy.THOMMY (film producer, Swiss) creates movie trailers for etoy. He founded his own production firm and produced shows for a private swiss TV station. As a producer, he was involved in shootings in Ecuador, Brazil and India. etoy.THOMMY currently studies film production and media economy at the German Film and TV Academy in Berlin.


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