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A-D Artists
Jul 13, 2006 at 12:06 PM

Unnatural Selection

Elliot Anderson

Assitant Professor of Art, Electronic Media and Digital Arts New Media Graduate Program. University of California, Santa Cruz.

Anderson's work incorporates a wide range of media including video, sound, computer interaction, and digital imaging. His artwork includes interactive computer sculptures and installation, public art, interactive video for performance, and digital photography. He has created computer controlled interactive video sets for performance. Rituel III his most recent production is a collaboration with composer Hi Kyung Kim and Ae Ju Lee, Korean National Treasure for Buddhist Dance. Rituel III was performed at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles (2005), The San Francisco International Arts Festival in San Francisco (2005), and as part of Intercultural Creativity in 2004: Asian-American-Australian Sound-Dance and Multimedia Connections, Sydney, Australia. Other productions include the opera Cezanne's Doubt in collaboration with composer Daniel Rothman performed at Princeton University Art Museum (2002), Los Angeles County Museum of Art (1998), and Stierischer Herbst Festival, Graz Austria (1996). He has had solo exhibitions at Gallery 16, San Francisco (1996, 2004, and 2006) Kenderdine Gallery, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Canada (2000); and the Sesnon Gallery, University of California, Santa Cruz (2000). His group exhibitions include Lifelike, New Langton Arts, San Francisco (2001); Neuro-Notations, The Physics Room, Christ Church, New Zealand (2001); and Bay Area Art + Tech, Duke University Museum of Art (1998).

Anderson has organized numerous events and exhibitions in the field of technology based art. He curated and produced exhibitions of electronic media at the Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies; the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery; New Langton Arts, San Francisco; and an exhibit of interactive art at the 1993 Seybold Conference in San Francisco. He has lec-tured and been a visiting artist at institutions including, the University of Florida, California Institute for the Arts, Claremont University, and Princeton University.

Anderson's current research engages Environmental Aesthetics and the Technological Sublime. His new work Average Landscapes commissioned by the De Young Museum of Art in San Francisco will be exhibited from December 2006 to April 2007.
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