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I-L Artists
Written by Kuniko Vroman   
May 22, 2006 at 12:11 AM

Strategies of Behaviour in a Hybrid Space

Index of Works

Global Contentifier
Deterritoriale Schlingen/ Determinale Schleifen
Parkinglot Sculpture
Virilio Cubes
Stationsraum für assimilativen Zahlwitz

Global Contentifier does provide a peer-to-peer network with a sculptural compulsive character capable of distributing political statements over a defined urban territory. By intervention of participants via the internet the sculptural form of the network can be augmented to an global extend. The work features the interweavement of local and global political issues as well as a general alertness towards a will to participation in temporarily established social networks. Global Contentifier was accepted as proposal for the Eyebeam AIR-Program and is supported by Transmediale and EMPAC/NY

Deterritoriale Schlingen discusses the question of sovereignty over the local and global information landscape. It addresses these aspects through intervention by use of an in-vitro wireless radio-transmission system. The work has been shown at the New Museum of Contemporary Art/New York and won prizes at Transmediale/Berlin and Viper Festival/Basel.

Stationsraum für assimilativen Zahlwitz is a sculpture based installation that does include tactile, acoustic and visual sensations within a staged spacial setting. It does refer to our layers of experience influenced by residencies in places of informationand dataflows and in material environments that mainly condition our corporeal presence. The relation and interaction of virtuality and materiality becomes subject to ones own reality in a hybrid space. Stationsraum für assimilativen Zahlwitz was shown at Transmediale 05/Berlin and at Altitude03/Cologne.

_nezt approaches the partly unconscious interaction within the frameworks of a technological highly developed society. Convenience of the visual and acoustic spacial perception as well as the sensation of being confronted with the representation of ones personal information are the emotional poles of the work. Gaining access to it's personal room -to the own dataroom- and the implications of getting there, as described in Franz Kafka's space-related depiction in The Trial signifies the structure of _nezt. The installation works along the consequences of digital codes, their practical and virtual links of allocation, transferred and interrupted through materialisation and shift of context.

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