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Written by Kuniko Vroman   
May 21, 2006 at 12:22 AM

Ars Memorativa in the Interactive City: Private Layers in Public Spaces

Tapio Mäkelä

Tapio Mäkelä is a media artist, researcher and an event organiser based in Helsinki, Finland. He is currently working on an Arts Council Finland and Finnish Academy grant in the "arts and interaction" funding programme.

Most recently, Mäkelä was the programme chair of ISEA2004, the 12th International Symposium of Electronic Art. His latest work in progress is called steamingmedia - bathing as a cultural interface in collaboration with David Rokeby (Canada). (See issue 3, invent). Tapio Mäkelä has also participated with interactive web based installations to festivals and group exhibitions.

Over the last decade, Mäkelä has presented papers at several international forums and been a visiting lecturer. In the years 1994-1997 Mäkelä was director of artist association Muu, where he established a medialab for artists, the MuuMediaBase. He also co-founded the Amorph performance festival and co-curated the first Nordic media art exhibition, Breaking Eyes. Between 1997-2000 he conceptualized and organized three editions of Polar Circuit media art workshops in Tornio and Rovaniemi with nearly 200 artists who participated. He has also been with the Helsinki electronic music scene and open source software development. With m-cult he has also worked with new media arts and culture policy research resulting in three publications, for example, on Finnish and international media art. He has also participated to Asia Europe Foundation events as a participant and tutor.

In June 2006, Mäkelä participates in Connection Barents workshop in Kirkenes, Norway at the arctic ocean. In Ocbober-December he will do a residency with New Media Initiative Sarai in New Delhi, India.

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