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Invited Artworks
Written by Steve Dietz   
Apr 07, 2006 at 09:57 PM

Jon Winet, Dale MacDonald, Scott Minneman, Craig Dietrich

Using mobile phones, ISEA to the Globe--The World to San Jose will produce and distribute syndicated SMS and MMS messages to link participants and visitors to ISEA 2006 and to world events.

ISEA to the Globe, Jon Winet

Daily reports produced on site will link events in San Jose to subscribers worldwide. A parallel track of messages produced and harvested worldwide will bring international news and narratives to ISEA attendees.

The project highlights the ubiquity of electronic communications and the shifting locus of the Internet to mobile devices, as well as the activist, global "DIY journalism" potential of emerging technologies.

Form and content for the SMS messages are inspired by Yahoo and AP's often enigmatic, Zen-like and surprisingly lyrical SMS offerings, e.g.: "White House to Release Oil from Reserves," "Experts Warn Debt May Threaten Economy," "Organized Labor at Crossroads with Feud," "Economist Blames Aid for Africa Famine." Our interest in experimental narrative and the conventions of peer-to-peer text-messaging and of blogging also help define our editorial strategies.

With the higher end, rich content, syndicated mobile audio and video component of the project, we will transmit creative non-fiction and fiction microcinema works to users with compatible mobile devices. The films of the pioneering Lumiere Brothers and of Errol Morris bookend our inspiration points for the videos, as does Ira Glass's This American Life for the audio works.

Additional materials will include material harvested from media RSS feeds; newspaper covers; and timely arts, culture and technology items of interest.

Subscribers will have the option to select the number of text and/or video messages they wish to receive.

A companion web site will document and archive the project, and increase access to the project to people without SMS and MMS-capable cell phones.

The project is in development at The University of Iowa in the School of Art & Art History Intermedia Area, in conjunction with Onomy Labs, Inc., Menlo Park, California. It parallels related research and development for media projects including Goal 2006!, a project focusing on the World Cup in the era of globalization and The Iowa City Diaries, a new media literature work for TIRWeb, the online companion to the Iowa Review.


ISEA to the Globe, Jon Winet
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