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Written by Steve Dietz   
Apr 01, 2006 at 02:31 PM

Curated by Ellen Pau

In the vertical city, we are live beside neon and street light. A container space is already a bigger size for one person living in Hong Kong. Our sight of moving across is limited. But we have the sky limit for moving up. If the dimension of space and time will be different in flat land, the perception of moving images from vertical land is an imaginative space that can be both nauseatic and nostalgic.

Phenakistoscape by Annie On Ni Wan adopts the idea of intertextuality in movies, creating a montage with "running" scenes and camera movements, either pan shots or tilt shots or zoom shots or track shots with plot run. Movies consist of short sequences produced by the community. Each movie clip is edited and stored in a database. How they are sequenced in realtime depends on a fluid algorithm, which is analyzing the camera movement in the clip.

The camera movements of the movie clips take control of a custom-made robotic video projector specially constructed for the project. The robotic projector will pan to left when there is a pan to right shot while it will tilt up when there is a title down shot. Apart from the pan and tilt action, the robotic projector will walk around the container space, which facilities the zoom shots of the moving images. Ultrasonic sensors will be placed around it, it is for the sensing of obstacles, including viewers.


Annie On Ni Wan

Curator: Ellen Pau

Ellen Pau is a Hong Kong-based video artist. Her earlier works describe and interrogate the cultural / sexual identity in post colonial Hong Kong. Last year, MICA, a New York Publishing House published Dye-a dial-a-logue with Ellen Pau, together with renowned writer/critics Simon Winchester, Wolf-guenter Thiel and Johnson Chang, among others.

Pau founded the media arts group, Videotage and has been working since 1986 as a Director. Videotage was represented in Transmediale, Kwangju Biennial, Shanghai Biennial and Gongdong Triennial. She also founded the Microwave Media Art Festival in Hong Kong, presenting internationally renowned new media artists and curators such as Jeffrey Shaw, Stelarc, Sommerer & Mignonneau and Solange Farkas.

Pau is one of the earliest media art curators. She curated multimedia programs for Videotage (1985-2005), Microwave Media Art Festival (1996- 2004), museum/gallery and festival such as Transmediale (1998, 2001, Berlin), Kunstnernes Hus (2000, Norway), She was the co writer for the paper the producer for No one's driving, a TV showcase of independent video work from Hong Kong funded by The Hong Kong Art Development Council (ADC) & Cable TV.

She is appointed Museum Honorary Adviser and assessor for Hong Kong Art Development Council. She is a writer on media art in local newspapers. Besides being a medical radiographer, Ellen also teaches media art and film in universities and institutions.

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