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Community Youth & Family Media Programs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Steve Dietz   
Mar 12, 2006 at 04:27 PM

Education Staff and Committes

FREE except where noted

Please refer to PASSPORT “schedule” for a calendar guide to the following events, information about the Global Youth Lounge and more!

For full artist descriptions, check out the artist section of this website or the METRO program guide!

Visit the Global Youth Lounge in South Hall!

To learn more about the Global Youth Lounge download this!

Join the PASSPORT Game!

Get a PASSPORT stamp at every youth & family festival event that you attend at the festival & enter to win a prize! You qualify to enter the PASSPORT Prize drawing if you have 3 or more stamps on your passport at the Scenes & Sounds of My City event on Sunday, August 13th from 11am – 1pm, when the winner will be drawn. Sign up at the event or in the Global Youth Lounge.

Download the schedule here!

“Scenes and Sounds of My City” Screening & Reception EVENT

Sun, 8.13, 11am – 1pm @ ParkSide Hall

ZeroOne San Jose/ISEA2006 partnership program with UNESCO DigiArts - Young Digital Creatures Program(United Nations Education, Science & Culture Organization) celebrates over 60 teen communities that participated this spring & summer. Our flagship program engaged teens worldwide who investigated their urban and cultural environment in order to share their view of their cities through digital & audio creative artistic exploration. Global Youth Represent!


  1. North America: San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Other Friday of Maui, Hawaii representing island style, & Canada
  2. Africa: Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Mali, Zambia, and Senegal
  3. Arab States: Egypt & Tunisia
  4. Asia and the Pacific: Australia, Bangladesh, India, Korea, Pakistan, & Singapore
  5. Europe: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Moldova, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, and United Kingdom.
  6. Latin America: Argentina, Colombia & Brazil
  7. The Caribbean: Jamaica

Global Youth Ambassador Program

Global Youth Ambassadors were selected from participants of the, “Scenes and Sounds of My City” program as a second tier of opportunity inviting 10 local youth and 10 international youth to be in-residence during the Festival. This week-long cultural and artistic residency program includes an art program on the Adobe downtown campus, with artist & arts educator Marisa Jahn & her Throw-n-Sow Project, with assistant artists/educators Rachel McIntire & Steve Shada. The ambassadors will represent global youth everywhere at festival receptions and activities. Meet the Ambassadors online at or in the Global Youth Lounge.

From Festival to Classroom: Educators Access EVENT

Sat, 8.12 @ 2 – 4pm @ Adobe Park Conference Room via the East Tower Lobby Entrance

FREE two-hour panel featuring Festival Artists Natalie Jeremijenko of Feral Robotic Dogs & How Stuff is Made, & Lee Montgomery of the Neighborhood Public Radio will present their festival projects and share components that are adaptable to your classroom or after-school program. Attendees will receive a free day pass to Exhibition Hall. Please register online:, select education.

Digital Griot Girls Media Team, a project of Digital Clubhouse Network

Young producer hopeful’s welcome!
Daily production studio observation noon – 2pm, @ Global Youth Lounge
Sat, 8.12 @ 9:30pm, Screening @ Closing Night Block Party on First Street

A part of the award winning youth leadership program, Digitally Abled Producers Project, & members of the Net Generation, this Media Team will document highlights of the Festival, from a youth-eye-view, in the form of a short documentary that will be premiered at the Closing Night Block Party on First Street. Led by Executive Producers, Anita Long MacFarland & program graduate Richelle Harris, the Media Team (ages 11 – 16) includes: Jilliane Jackson, Shantell Allen, Samya Abdela, Bianca Larrina Lee, Berika Egberuare, Ayana Fontenot. For more information about Digital Clubhouse Networks’ Aug 13 & 14 Symposium & 10th Anniversary Picnic listed in the schedule, along with this program and others: or 408.481.0880.

FREE Public Programs, Festival Artist Presentations & Workshops just for Youth & Family!

Karaoke Ice Battles

Tue – Sat, 8.8 – 8.12 @ 1pm, Curbside at the San Jose Museum of Art
Come compete for the prize! This isn’t just any ice cream truck!

Online Lyric Workshops

available anytime @

C4F3 Café Meet the Artist & Artwork Public Program

Tue – Sat, 8.8 – 8.12 @ 2pm, entrance to the San Jose Museum of Art cafe Learn about the projects exhibited in the C4F3 Café from the artists themselves! Enjoy a different artist every day.


  • Tue Breeze with Jill Coffin
  • Wed Secrets with JD Beltran
  • Thu Chit Chat Club with Karrie Karahalius
  • Fri enCODe with Osman Khan & John Houck
  • Sat CNNPlus!Plus with Heidi Kuomo


Interactive City Walking Tours Public Program

Tue – Sat, 8.8 – 8.12 @ 6pm, meet at steps of SJ Museum of Art
Explore the streets of San Jose’s Interactive City art projects with Nancy Zastudil. This one hour tour will include Container Culture, C4F3 Café & Exhibition Hall locations and lots of art including Social Memory Columns, Fete Mobile and much, much more!

Container Culture Meet the Artist Public Program

Meet at the Containers at SJ Museum of Art
Thu, 8.10 @ 5pm, Drift Bottles with Huang Shi of China

SkateSonic Workshops with Cobi van Tonder

Sat, 8.12 @ 5pm for ages 9 – 12 & Sun, 8.13 @ 1pm
Don’t miss the event on Wednesday night and then come try out the graceful technology yourself at one of the following workshops! This skateboard composes music – a must see/hear. Parent/Guardian permission slips required. Fill out and bring to the event!
Download the form here!

Neighborhood Public Radio On the Air Workshops

Tue – Sat, 8.8-12 @ 4pm at Cinema 12 & Sunday, 8.13 @ 3pm
Different topics daily and Radio Show 101 – learn how to compose and air your own radio show on Wed & Sat.

Tactical Sound Garden [TSG] Toolkit

Thu, 8.10 @ 7pm in Cesar Chavez Plaza

Palabras with Sharon Daniel

Tue, 8.8 @ 4pm in Exhibition Hall
A collaborative storytelling project with local and on-line communities, which exploit information and communications technologies as new sites for "public art."

GLANCE with composer Guillermo Galindo & filmmaker Gustavo Vazquez

Tue, 8.8 @ 6pm in Exhibition Hall
A performance installation featuring computer activated sensors and mechanical devices that will produce a rotation of sounds and images gathered by the artists to reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of the South Bay.

Don’t miss these events, presentations and exhibits!

D-K ( D i g i t a l - K a k e j i k u )

Tue – Sat, 8.8 - 12 @ 9:30pm – 2am @ City Hal


Tue – Sat, 8.8 - 12 @ 8 – 12pm @ Cesar Chavez Plaza

Don’t miss

The Nocturne, Pimp My Heart & Invisible Dynamics exhibits in South Hall! Or the DIY Urban Challenge Workshop & Free Soil Tour

Don’t miss art and fun at Children’s Discovery Museum!

Animalia (all ages 7+) Times & fees:

Adobe Design Achievement Awards Gallery

Mon thru Sun, 8.7 – 13, 8am – 8pm @ Adobe East Tower Lobby (corner of Park & Almaden)
View the gallery and then join us in the Global Youth Lounge for award winners artist presentations in the Global Youth Lounge Tue – Sat @ 3pm!

MLK Library Docent-led Tours

Wed, Thu & Sat, 8.8, 10 & 12 @ 11:30am Meet at Security Desk at E. San Fernando St. Entrance
Explore the building’s design, collections and art, including over thirty installations by Mel Chin. Full description at; 408.808.2181.

Mark your calendars!

Visit Montalvo Art Center this fall to view & participate in more public programs associated with the Festival Community Youth & Family Media Program Projects and select festival artists.

Made Possible by Adobe Systems Inc..
Adobe Systems Incorporated is a Visionary Sponsor of ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge. The Festival Education Programs are made possible by a generous grant from Adobe, enabling programming that engages youth worldwide in the creation and exhibition of projects during the festival and throughout the year.

Additional education support has generously been made by the Flora Family Foundation.


ZeroOne San Jose Education Programs will engage over 500 K - 12 grade students, worldwide, in art & technology programs that take place this spring and summer in classrooms and after-school programs. In addition, during the Festival from August 5-12, daily community media programs, internships, public programs and workshops for youth and their families will take place with festival artists and local artist trainers and arts educators. All projects will be displayed during the festival and be accessible globally, online.

Review & return the application in order to participate in programs or simply obtain more information. Sign up today to have your youth group (classroom or after-school program) participate this spring in the UNESCO project (teens!) or the Student/Teacher Workshop Website Project (K-12)! Sign up today to be informed of the festival programs (Community Media For Youth & Families). We look forward to keeping you and your youth group in the loop of the education components of the first ZeroOne San Jose Global Festival of Art on the Edge!


The K-12 education component of the ZeroOne San Jose Festival will inspire and enable creative problem solving and expression among youth, teachers, and families through the use of digital technologies.


  • Youth are an important, respected, and vital part of the Silicon Valley Community.
  • Youth possess technological curiosity, openness, and capacities for innovation and expression.
  • Meaningful participation in the arts and technology builds critical developmental assets in youth that are advantageous in personal, civic, academic and work life.
  • All youth deserve access to the intrinsic and instrumental benefits of participation in the arts and technology.
  • Authentic engagement with teachers and family members can deepen and expand the impact of learning experiences for youth.
Mission & Values created by the ZeroOne San Jose Educational Committee


Adobe Systems Inc. is a Visionary Sponsor of ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge. The Festival Education programs are made possible by a generous grant from Adobe, enabling programming that engages youth worldwide in the creation and exhibition of projects during the festival and throughout the year.

Additional education support has generously been made by the Flora Family Foundation.

ZeroOne San Jose: Education Programs Overview

Spring & Summer Program Opportunities

UNESCO Scenes and Sounds of My City International Project

Program Outline & Participation Criteria

Through this program, teens (ages 13 - 18) are able to investigate their urban and cultural environment and share their view of their cities. The aim is to create digital expressions and capture local tones of urban space and environment in a digital project consisting of a series of artistically modified pictures along with sounds of their cities. This will help young people to form an understanding of their environments and could further contribute to their participation in the community development process. The project will also engage them in a creative process, by which the computer is used to stimulate aesthetic appreciation, but also plays a role in education and entertainment, as well as the shaping of our environments. There will be 20 San Francisco Bay Area and 20 international teen groups, led by a highly-experienced international moderator, who will follow step-by-step lessons plans in order o create a project that will be on display in the Education Lounge at the ZeroOne San Jose Festival, in addition to a screening and reception given during the festival. Participating groups will have easy access to the online resources of the programmes. This program continues with a second tier of opportunity, where 10 local youth and 10 international youth will be chosen from the participating groups to be a Youth Ambassador representative at the Festival. This is a cultural and artistic exchange program for one week during the festival that includes art & technology workshops, receptions and activities, based on the work completed in Scenes and Sounds of My City. Information pertaining to this segment of the project will be shared with participating groups in the summer.

UNESCO Program Criteria:

1. Participants
  • Seek 20 groups total with 5 - 20 participating students (13-18 years old) per school group or out-of-school program group.
  • 1-2 teachers assigned to the group with basic computer skills and dealing with the suggested subjects of art, music, natural sciences, languages, history, geography, philosophy or ethics, etc.
2. Basic equipment
  • 2-5 computers per school/program with internet connection.
  • Scanner, digital camera(s), microphone/recording device.
    PLEASE NOTE that the Festival has access to some resources, including a couple local computer labs. Please note special needs on application for discussion.
3. Program Timing & Time Requirements:
  • Groups may participate in Round 1: April - June (must complete project by July 31st).
  • Groups may participate in Round 2: June -July (must complete project by July 31st).
  • Program requires approximately 3 hours per week for 8 weeks, totalling 24 hours. This time is flexible based on the groups classroom/after-school program art class requirements, needs and group engagement in the project. More time is encouraged.
4. What is provided to participating groups?
  • Moderator to lead the teacher and group through the process via phone and email, in addition to a orientation session provided for full overview in April (Round 1) or May/June (Round 2). Orientation dates pending confirmed participating group leader/teacher availability.
  • Online applications and curriculum provided (downloadable through website), in addition to:
  • Teachers' kit
  • Honorarium provided for each group teacher
  • Adobe Software awarded to groups completing the project for their classroom/after-school program or organization.
  • Screening & Reception Event to honor participants during the festival.
5. Target Geographical Areas
  • Local: Greater Silicon Valley; San Francisco; North Bay; East Bay; Peninsula; Coastal/Santa Cruz; Gilroy/Watsonville. Bonus: Hawaii.
  • International: Pacific Rim
6. Application attached (word document).
  • Sign up to be one of the local 20 groups!
7. Presentation of Artworks
  • The work created by the young participants will be shared globally online and presented throughout the festival in the Education Lounge, in addition to a special screening and reception during the festival (date & location to be determined - tentatively scheduled for Saturday afternoon, August 12, 2006).
8. Program Benefits for Participants
  • Opportunity to participate in a global youth collaboration project.
  • Free instructional materials and guidelines that make participation easy.
  • Eligibility for one of your school/program students to participate in a residential, international exchange program
  • Public and online recognition for teachers/youth leaders and their students.
  • Special access to Festival events.
  • Award of Adobe software.
  • Honorarium for each group teacher/leader.
  • For more information, please browse past projects: Scenes and Sounds of my City

Student/Teacher Team Workshops Website Project

Program Outline & Participation Criteria

This program supports digital arts training series for student/teacher teams, targeting high priority K-12 public schools in Santa Clara County. Based on the student/teacher teams creative interests, projects will culminate in a website showcasing the innovative art and technology projects from multiple contributors.

1. Program participant parameters include:
  • 3 school levels: elementary, middle, high school.
  • 10 student/teacher teams per level
  • 3 trainings (one per level) with a local arts educator or artist to assist projects for student/Teacher teams with their projects.
2. Program Timing & Time Requirements:
  • Availability to conduct workshops to youth anytime between April - July.
  • Approximately 4-8 hours per week for 4+ weeks (based on project & group availability)
3. What is provided to participating groups:
  • Art materials.
  • Artist trainers, computer labs & resources available for groups that need assistance.
  • Student/teacher teams will be awarded an honorarium for participation.
4. Target Geographical Area
Sum Greater Santa Clara County
5. Teachers interested in learning more about this program &/or participate
Please select this program on the attached application (word document) & note innovative art/technology project interested in teaching.
6. Presentation of Artworks:
The work created by these teams and their group of students will be hosted online and featured throughout the festival in the Education Lounge.

Festival Program Opportunities

Community Media Programs for Youth & Families

There will be multiple free daily festival community media programs offered throughout the festival (August 7 - 12th in downtown San Jose) to youth (K-12) & families that range from art making workshops & classes, youth events, paid teen internships, festival participation, to pre-festival event public programs that make the ground breaking art of the festival accessible. The programs are in association with Festival artists, local youth arts educators and local youth arts education programs and organizations.

In keeping with the values of the education programs of the festival, the community programs will inspire and enable creative problem solving and expression among youth, teachers, and families through the use of digital technologies.

Community Partners include: Digital ClubHouse Network; Karoaki Ice/CADRE project; Cobi Van Tonder; Bandwidth Stand and Cyber Parade!

Program Examples: documentary film making workshop series taught by teens; lyric making workshops & karaoke battles; creative Adobe software workshops; musical skateboarding project workshop with a festival artist, MP3 player sock knitting class & much, much more!

All Community Media Programs are currently being planned and scheduled. Interest for more information should be noted on the attached application and submitted as soon as possible.

1. Participants:
Programs designed for K-12 grade youth groups & families.
2. Program Timing & Time Requirements:
Daily, Aug 7 - 12th ranging from 1 - 2 hours with workshops ranging from one time only to a small series during the week and/or the weekend.
3. What is provided to participating groups?
  • Free & accessible workshops, internships and public programs, lead by professionals.
  • Art materials.
  • Honorarium for teen internships
4. Program Locations:
Downtown San Jose locations to be determined.
5. Do you wish to be notified of specific community media programs and internships?
For more information this spring, simply select your interest on the attached application (word document).

ZeroOne San Jose: Education Committee

Interested in joining the committee? Please contact .


Cynthia Taylor, Director of Education
ZeroOne: The Art & Technology Network & ZeroOne San Jose Festival


Val DeLang, Director of Education
San Jose Museum of Art

Dana Powell, Ed.D., Director, Creative Education Program
Cultural Initiatives Silicon Valley


Arlene Biala, Arts Program Coordinator
City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs

Linda Covello, Director, Visual Arts
Community School of Music and Arts

Lisa Ellsworth, Art Educator
Children's Discover Museum of San Jose

Lynda Greene, Education Consultant
Adobe Systems, Inc.

Katie Hagerty, Director of Education
Montalvo Arts Center

Sharon Hoffman, Ph.D., Independent Artist
Living Stories

Jessical Intrator, Youth Educator
Community School of Music and Arts

Tom Keating, Ph.D., Director of Education and Teacher Professional Development
Tech Museum of Innovation

Mitsu Kumagai, Youth & Arts Program Manager
Arts Council Silicon Valley

Anita MackFarland, Executive Director
Digital Clubhouse Network

Jenni Martin, Director of Education and Programs
Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose

Rebecca Schultz, Associate Director of Education
Young Audiences of Northern California

Lawrence Thoo, Arts Program Director
City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs

ZeroOne San Jose: Education Youth Advisory Committee

Know a teen interested in joining the committee? Please contact .

Youth enrolled in the San Jose Museum of Art's teen art program.

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