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ISEA re:mote
ISEA2006 re:mote
Aug 04, 2006 at 11:03 PM

August 10-12, 2006
Adam Hyde, Curator
Brenda Cleniuk, ISEA2006 re:mote Assistant

International new media art discourse is stimulated by festivals and events like ISEA2006 that form temporary cultural centers to represent, present and discuss networked and digital technologies. However by forming temporary centers we also tacitly create a notion of a periphery - with temporary centers also come temporary peripheries. In new media culture this is a paradox as much new media art, theory, and discourse reflects on the network itself and the elusiveness and redundancy of centers and peripheries.

ISEA2006 re:mote attempts to dissuade us from imposing these distinctions by providing a platform for artists, commentators, curators, performers and theorists to participate in ISEA2006 via online and pre-recorded media. Technologies used will be up to each presenter, the premise is that the technologies should be easy to use and access. ISEA2006 re:mote will focus on presenting media spaces and people that would otherwise be excluded from presenting their work at ISEA2006 due to financial, political, or logistical reasons.

ISEA2006 re:mote invited media spaces and individual artists, theorists, and curators from around the world to speak or perform via remote technologies to the audience at ISEA2006. Presentations will be directed at the four themes of ISEA2006: Interactive City, Community Domain, Transvergence, and Pacific Rim. Participants are invited to present or perform on topics included within the ISEA2006, and onsite audience interaction with the presenters is also encouraged.

ISEA2006 re:mote is a collaboration between ISEA2006 and Adam Hyde ( ) and is based on the re:mote series of

re:mote auckland - organised by r a d i o q u a l i a and ((ethermap

re:mote regina - organised by r a d i o q u a l i a and soil media lab

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